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Based on passive design Smart Locks and Smart Key, Smart Ocean is providing Smart Lock Cylinder, Smart Electric Lock, Smart Rim Lock, Smart Cabinet Lock, Smart Padlock to complete solve the security risk for Base Stations, Power Sub-stations, Outdoor Cabinets, Equipment Cabinets and etc.

  • Smart Locks: Designed with high security technology, easy to install, no external power supply, no wiring, suitable for outdoor environment features. Very suitable for a large number of outdoor equipment scenario.
  • Smart Key: Based on authorization from central management platform, to achieve one key to multiple locks, not only simplifies the user’s work intensity, but also improve the efficiency of management. To eliminate the risk of the conventional lock-and key solution as well.
  • Central Management Platform: Based on Smart Key + Smart Lock App + Smart Lock Solution, to make those equipment and personnel networked and managed.
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    • - Mechatronics Protection
    • - Compartment Design
    • - Idling Design
    • - Passive design for lock cylinder
    • - Key is impossible to duplicate
    • - Able to disable the key if it is lost


    • - Easy Installation
    • - Standard Size
    • - Suitable for indoor and outdoorn
    • - Passive design for lock cylinder
    • - One key to multiple locks
    • - No need change lock if key lost


    • - Who, when, where, and why access site
    • - Authorize who, when and where access site
    • - Traceable operation log
    • - Passive design for lock cylinder
    • - Key is impossible to duplicate
    • - Remote authorization, upload log automatically



Smart Ocean Smart Key adopts finacial level security chip, and it cannot be copied and cracking. Smart Key has built-in rechargeable lithium battery which can power for that Smart Lock. After Smart Key receives the encrypted authorization for unlock, bidirectional authentication process will be started between Smart Key and Smart Lock. Only pass the authentication Smart Key can open Smart Lock.

Smart Key adopts BLE chip and talks to Smart Lock APP on a smartphone through Bluetooth. Based on the authentication management of the central management platform and Smart Lock APP, one single Smartis able to open multiple Smart Locks as long as it gets corresponding authorization. This concept breaks through conventional Lock-and-Key-design, providing manageable, convenient and flexible for large-scale deployment.

Smart Key supports online and offline working mode, and can upload operation log automatically. It's suitable for various outdoor station or equipment cabinet.

Smart Key has built-in buzzer. User can hear "Beep" when Smart Key opening Smart Lock successfully. And the indicators of Smart Key will light on once Smart Key inserted into Smart Lock properly.Change Lock is not necessary when Smart Key lost. That's only required to disable corresponding authorization from central management platform.


Smart Ocean Smart Padlock II is mechanical-electrical integration lock with passive design. There’s no power inside the Padlock II and the power comes from the Smart Key. Therefore, such situation will be avoiding like door is not able to open because of battery running out or forgetting to change battery of the Padlock II compared with traditional electrical Padlock. It’s more suitable for outdoor use such as gate of station or big cabinet.

The micro CPU is built in the Smart Padlock II to work with the Smart Key. To unlock and lock it is controlled by authorization settings.

Smart Padlock II is managed by central management platform and supports online or offline working mode. It can upload operation log automatically. It’s very suitable for widely deployed base stations, sub-stations, and cabinets.

Smart Padlock II is designed with guards against drills, skids and so on the characteristic. If the Smart Key lost, the Padlock II needs not to change. The only operation is to disable the authorization of the lost Smart Key from the central platform.

Smart Padlock II has similar appearance, dimension, installation way, and use-pattern compared with mechanical Padlock. That’s convenient for users starting to use Smart Padlock II.


  • High Security

    Anti-tinfoil unlocks, Anti-master key unlock, Anti-bump unlock, Anti-pull, Anti-magnet unlock, Anti-vibration unlock. Security chip is bidirectional encryption; The Smart Key is impossible to duplicate. Idling design to improve the capability of anti-violence unlock. Self-locking structure is adopted between the Smart Padlock II and the Smart Key. The Smart Key can’t be taking out when the Padlock II is open to reduce the risk.

  • High Reliability

    The electrical parts inside the Padlock II are in passive mode at most of time. That improves the lifetime of the Padlock II and reduce the faulty rate extremely.

  • High Generality

    Standard Padlock II design, high generality, easy replacement for mechanical Padlock.

  • Low Power Consumption

    The Smart Padlock II is in passive mode at most of time. With fully-charged the Smart key can use for more than 3 months.

  • High Cost-effective

    Low cost than combination lock or fingerprint lock. Low cost for replacement. No need to change door or lock bar, just change the Padlock. Low cost of installation. Smart Padlock II is passive design, no need cabling onsite. Low cost to use. No need battery and change battery of Padlock II.

  • Trouble-free

    There’s no battery leakage to make electrical parts corrosion issue because of there’s no battery inside the Padlock II. It’s similar to use like a mechanical Padlock.

  • Manageable

    Authorization is manageable, and entry and exit log can check from the central platform. Multiple authorizing way are available on the central platform. Support online and offline working mode and it can upload operation log automatically. One Smart Key to multiple locks to reduce the investment and increase the efficiency of management.


Security Idling design, Has guards against picking, bumping and hard to drill
Secure Unlock Support. (Working with the Smart Key, Smartphone, and central platform)
Supported number of key No limitation
Power Type Totally passive design
Encryption AES 128bit
Event logs 1000
Physical Stainless steel lock body and cylinder. Stainless steel or Hardened steel shackle
Weight 500g ~ 540g
Storage Temperature -20℃~70℃
Working Temperature -20℃~70℃
Humidity 5%~90% None-condensation
Ingress Protection IP65
Open Times 15,000