Remora GPS Vehicle Tracker Interface

Our user interface is built using the latest online technologies, offering ease-of-use and high availability. Access is via web browser, from any location connected to the internet.

Our GPS Solution

The Remora GPS vehicle tracker platform is web based and offered as Software as a Service (SaaS). It can be accessed from anywhere in the world and is hosted in professional data centers. The Remora GPS solution is both horizontally and vertically scalable which means there's actually no limitation to the number of tracked assets.

The Remora GPS software platform acomodates solutions for a large number of industries. We have developed the solution to maximize the benefits for our customers and we are tracking vehicles, trucks, construction and agriculture equipment, scooters and motorcycles, boats, lighweight airplanes, containers, people.

Fleet, Asset and Personal Tracking

  • Real-time tracking, geofencing, POI management
  • Sensor monitoring, driver identification
  • Extensive reporting
  • Real-time alarms (email, SMS)

Fleet Management Interface

  • Document management (insurances, taxes, inspections, licenses)
  • Repair and revision control
  • Fuelings and fuel stock management
  • Fleet cost reports

Competition Tracking

  • Vehicles, gliders, boats, people competitions
  • Real-time or intentionally delayed status and tracking and following
  • Custom screen views for spectators
  • Live broadcasting for online spectators

Remora GPS Benefits

The Real-time Vehicle Tracking System uses satellite technology combined with a comprehensive digital road map link to Google Earth to provide real-time locations and record historical vehicle activity. Our highly skilled team of professional technicians will install a vehicle tracking unit into each of your vehicles. There are no exposed wires or antennas, making the equipment virtually tamper proof, and allowing for covert installation.

The vehicle tracking units transmit data to the REMORA servers via GPRS wireless networks every 30 seconds. This information can then be accessed 24 hours a day through any internet connection around the world.

Lower Fuel Costs

Reduce your fuel bill with Activity reports. Eliminate unapproved or any extended journeys.

Reduced Private Use

REMORA Alerts will instantly flag any movement of the vehicle outside working hours.

Reduced Phone Bill

Constant real-time GPS analysis shows you at a glance where your vehicles are at all times so you can reduce cell phone calls to your drivers.

Increased Fleet and Workforce Security

With real-time GPS vehicle tracking, REMORA gives you peace of mind knowing that your fleet vehicles are always monitored.

Faster Response Times

Deploy your vehicles with greater speed and efficiency and accurately predict arrival times or delays.

Reduced Overtime

Eliminate false timesheet claims with detailed real time vehicle tracking that provides accurate start and stop times as well as recorded idling and extended stops. Time sheets are accurate to the minute!


  • Real-Time Position Poll
  • Automatic Position Reporting
  • Engine Status Report (On/Off)
  • Event Status (SOS, Battery Cut, Battery Low, Battery Disconnect Alert)
  • Speed Report – monitor speeding alert of your vehicles
  • Excessive Idle Alert – records idle alert
  • Log Data – automatically logs data even without network coverage
  • Operates using GPS
  • Multiple secure Access Level (Admin, Supervisor, Operator and Guest)
  • Data Reports (e.g. Daily Activity, Idle, Speeding, etc.)
  • Fleet Management Reports (e.g. Maintenance, Repair, etc)
  • Client has 24/7 Online Access (Web-Based)
  • Standard Interval of Reports: 2 minutes to 1 minute interval
  • Voice communication (incoming calls only)
  • Any Additional Charges incurred by the “Client” will be charged accordingly.
  • One (1) year Data Retention


  • We offer Rental and Services (GPS Tracker)
  • Subscription lock-in period of 18 months
  • Unlimited warranty for the tracker device
  • Outright for the accessories
  • Free training, installation and technical support within Metro Manila only
  • Flexibility of the platform base from customer needs/requirement

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